Theo Drama: IMAGO

“Imago는 라틴어로 이미지 즉, 형상이라는 뜻입니다. Theo-Drama IMAGO는 ‘온 인류와 모든 사회적 영역이 오직 그리스도 안에서 연합되고 성화되어 그분의 몸(형상)을 이룬다’는 주제를 담고 있습니다. 창세기부터 계시록까지의 성경적-신학적 줄거리(창조, 타락, 구속, 화목, 연합)를 다양한 예술방식(음악, 댄스, 마임, 연기, 디자인, 미디어)으로 표현하였습니다. 여러분은 이 공연을 통해 하나님의 말씀이 살아 움직여 역동적으로 역사하는 것을 무대에서 보실 수 있습니다. IMAGO 프러덕션은 ACTS Community와 Imago Christi Studio가 함께 진행하였습니다. ACTS 학부생들과 국제대학원생들이 참여한 종합예술 프로덕션입니다. 프로가 아닌 아마추어 학생들이 자신의 재능에 맞게 각 예술 분야에서 자신의 잠재력을 발견하고 열정을 쏟아 기도하며 준비하였습니다.”

Imago is a Latin term which means “image.” The theme of the Theo-Drama IMAGO is that only in Christ can all humanity and diverse social realms be united and transformed into the image of the Body of Christ. IMAGO essentially highlights the biblical-theological concepts from Genesis to Revelation (creation, fall, salvation, reconciliation, union) and expresses them through various artistic means (music, dance, mime, acting, design, media). Through this performance, you as the audience can experience the Word of God coming alive in a dynamic way on stage.

IMAGO production is a joint project of the ACTS Community and Imago Christi Studio. It is a multi-arts production participated by both the Korean undergraduate students and the international graduate students of ACTS. These students are amateurs, not professionals, but they have discovered their potentials in their particular artistic areas and have passionately and prayerfully prepared for this performance.

May this performance video of IMAGO be a special hour of grace to you!

Daniel J. Kim
Artistic Director, Choreographer



Video Excerpts of Live Performance at
ACTS Main Chapel – June 10, August 12, 2014

Presented at
M.Div. Student Chapel (ACTS)

Produced by
ACTS Community & Imago Christi Studio

Performed by
ACTS Korean Undergraduate Students
ACTS International Graduate Students

Directed & Choreographed by
Daniel J. Kim

Copyright © 2014 Imago Christi Studio


Copyright © Theo Drama Production, All Rights Reserved.