Slavery of Christians in Pakistan


“Slavery of Christians in Pakistan” – Amer Sharif

Topic: Slavery of Christians in Pakistan

Slavery is very ancient. But in modern age, especially in Pakistan, it is still operated in different form: brick kiln. In this slavery, generation after generation suffer. Whole family (male, female, elders, and children) all are supposed to do work. Mostly Christian people in Pakistan are suffering from this slavery.

Usually one person gets loan from brick kiln owner to arrange marriage of his son/daughter. Loan is given to him with promise that he will have to work at brick kiln along with his family until he pays all loan in installments. Hardly he can earn 5- 6 dollars per day; it is very hard for him to pay loan back. Husband and wife work together along with their children. In this way, future of children is nothing but slavery. Female are specially mistreated by owners (abusive language etc.).
– Brief interview of Javaid Masih (brick kiln worker)
– Brief interview of Sharif Masih (brick kiln worker)


Mostly Christians were converted to Christianity from low caste Hindus: Shudras. Therefore, from the beginning they were not having any property.

2.Lack of education (education is very expensive)
During the time of president of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto it was suggested by Muslim scholar that if Christians should be killed in Pakistan, don’t kill them physically but occupy main Christian missionary institutes. In this way, they will be serving Muslims generation after generation because of lack of education. In 2003, one of the missionary Institute, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) Lahore was denationalized after a lot of efforts. In Pakistan there are 50% missionary educational institute but unfortunately no even 50% Christian youth is educated.

3.No job
Christian are not educated therefore they cannot get good jobs. They are offered mostly sanitary jobs.


Education is very good solution but it takes more than 18-19 years that a person can earn money by getting good job; unfortunately, it is not sure that either he/she will get job after education. In educating one child, whole family suffers. Therefore, second option is that people must have their own businesses so that they earn money to nurture their families. In history of Pakistan (may be Subcontinent) Korean Missionary, Dr. Keung Chul (Matthew) Jeong along with Pakistan leaders took initiative of PBC (Pak Business Community). In which people will be given first of all training how to do business and then they will be given loan to establish their business. They can return that loan in affordable installments without any interest. Vision of PBC is to establish and advance the kingdom of God through discipleship and business. People are taught to do business under kingdom values.

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