The Journey to the Light


The Journey to the Light – 이민정

Part I
This part describes my encounter with God. Waking up from the coma state, I couldn’t think and move like before. The simplest way to understand my condition is by imagining I was born again but this time with some physical disabilities. Being said, I had to and still am learning my new body’s limitations. But the scariest part was hurting the part of the brain responsible in critical thinking.
Having an undeveloped mind, Christianity was just a religion for me and being born in a Christian family forced me to believe in God. That’s how I describe my encounter with God. Love (Christ) appears and I innocently made the most difficult, but the best choice of my life.

Part II
This is the stage of my life I encounter fear. Just like all human beings will somehow face fears sometime in their lives, fear also came to me and being a weaker person physically, I feared everything. The message here is that God allowed fear in my life because He wanted me to gain strength and courage. Sometimes He allows us to go things we don’t understand, but that’s simply because He knows we can endure it and gain important lessons necessary for our development.
In this stage of life, shame was a difficult barrier to overcome. I used to think people were always staring at my physical disabilities but that was simply was fear remembering me of my brokenness.
Christ doesn’t let fear to easily disappear, but He brought courage that had the power keep moving in spite of fear.

Part III
This is the part of my journey when all my friends abandon me. It makes me to assume they used to love my benefits only and losing the community I was in was a big loss for me. But in this loneliness sweet relationship came to make me feel alive again.

Part IV
As I entered my relationship with God the only difficulty I find in being a Christian is obedience. However, I see beauty in obedience too, ACTS is one of the main reasons that proves He’s a good Father.

Part V
This is not the end of my journey, but I already received the crown just by being with the King. He is proud with my achievements and I’m loving my path with Him. Every challenge I conquer He crowns me and it’s proud of me.
I don’t get any recognition from humans and some people won’t know the efforts I made to be where I’m today, but He knows. He knows the tears I cry, my sacrifices, my efforts to literally taking every step every day and what it took for me to be here today. I don’t need to be recognized by them because He knows and that’s enough.
Everyday is a new challenge that makes my life meaningful and joyful. Now I see the beauty of the cross once I feared. I was carrying with so much anger but I carry it artistic acknowledging it’s the bridge and the way for the Light. He walks with me and that’s the victory.

Video of Presentation after
Art, Culture, Mission Class – December 18, 2018

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Imago Christi Studio

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ACTS Korean Undergraduate Student

Directed by
Daniel J. Kim

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